Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gretchen (aka Gigi)

Well we have another girl who I love beyond measure. Her name is Gretchen or we like to also call her Gigi. She is the most independent of all my kidlets and we love her so much. She makes me laugh and has the brightest eyes! She also goes from kisses and hugs mixed with giggles and smiles to the evil eye in an instant. But she can come out of it just as quickly.

She is not afraid to be her own person and to do things her way. Being the third child isn't always easy, but she seams to take it as a challenge. She wants to do it all, and do it now. Her body and abilities seams to be chasing the desires she thinks she should be able to do on her own. She keeps asking me when she will be a mom or when she will be a grown up. I try to tell her to just be who she is (and how old she is) right now. That girl is growing up too fast as it is.

One of my favorite things about her are her hugs! She is the BEST hugger I know. When she gives you a hug she gives it full force and often with her entire body. I have had to outlaw "choking hugs" when it come to Calvin, but I can take 'em. She is eager to go to school and to do things the bigger two do. She is good at expressing her love, and loves so many people. That's just a few of things I thought about today as I spend some one on one time with her while Calvin naps. Love that girl!

I almost forgot to mention that she has an imaginary friend that she talks about ALL the time! Another of my favorite things about her. I think Leena showed up over a year ago and it's multiple times daily that Leena is with her or she tells me about something Leena did. Certain things change about her, but some consistent things are that she has brown skin, is a girl, and that she went to africa to find Jesus. This came about because Gigi started to blame things she was doing on Leena, so Braden told Leena that she couldn't come back in our house. It was a shocker for Gigi and it wasn't long after that she found a solution and a way for Leena to be forgiven.