Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear sweet Lorelei,

My Lorelei IS such a sweet girl who truly cares about other people. She like her brother, who is handsome, is SO beautiful! She is one of the friendliest girls I know and always wants others to be happy. She is more than just a help to me, she is my helper. She's happy to help others and is so good at it.

She is creative and imaginative, and talented in so many ways. One of her talents is making friends. She is not so shy like I was at her age. She is confident in who she is and in what's right and wrong. She is a good example to all around her and makes me want to be worthy to be her mother. She loves to sing and dance and spend time with you. She is an accomplished reader (especially for a girl just finishing up kindergarden). Even before she could even tell you her letters she had a great love for books. She would sit down for lengthy times and page through books as if she was reading. She'd even lick her finger as she turned the page.

Her smiles always comes from her eyes, and sometimes seems plastered there. She is just such a joyful and happy character. I love to be around her and am blessed to be her mother. I hope and pray that she and I will always be close like we are now. She sure loves her family and has no trouble telling us so.

Thanks Lorelei for being who you are and for all that you do. I love you sweet girl!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thoughts on Joseph

I just want to post today about how much I love that boy of mine named Joseph. He made me a mother, and we started a journey together. I remember when he was born, I wanted to do nothing but look at him for months. It made me smile. I just couldn't believe he was mine! He is the sweetest and most thoughtful kid. He has such a tender heart! He started out so chunky and squishable. and has grown to be a bean pole. He has a laugh that's infectious and such a wonderful sense of humor. He really is a deep thinker and often catches me off guard with thought provoking questions and insights.
He truly has a love for family. not just HIS family, but those who came before us specifically. He is always asking about grandparents and great grandparents. He really wants to know them, and for a time when he was about 5 he used to cry at night because he "never got to know them, and couldn't visit them". I'm sure they know he loves them and is helping me watch over my wonderful boy.

While pregnant with Calvin, he was CONSTANTLY praying that he (Calvin) would be "healthy and strong and live to be born". It used to worry me like he knew something I didn't. I think he just LOVED that baby, and knew they would be close. Now he prays (everyday) for him still. It goes likes this, " Please help my brother to be strong and worthy and live his whole life". The words change slightly from time to time, but worthy is usually in there. Sometimes he goes on and on and other times he just gets to the point.

Now he is 8. He's finishing up 2nd grade, is a fantastic reader, and a lego master. He loves cub scouts and doing things with friends. He loves origami and riding his bike. He has a good ear to memorize things and brings such joy to my heart!
I am SO grateful that he is in m family! I have learned a lot of life lessons from being his mother, and know I have many more to learn. If you haven't gotten to really know him yet, I hope you get the chance.
Joe, I love you and always will. Sometimes I still look at you and think I can't believe you're mine.