Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter picts

Easter 2010 we watched General Conference at G & G Larsen's house after baskets at our house. The rest of the Local clan came over for a wonderful dinner full of good company and 2 new babies and lots of fun. I had my Dad take a few picts of us (since we didn't have any since Calvin joined us).

Joseph was quite thrilled with the glider plane he got in his Easter basket that morning and wanted to pose with it in each photo. He also needed a haircut but we didn't get around to that. So, he decided to do a mohawk for the day.

Calvin actually does a lot of smiling these days, but apparently not when the camera comes out. I actually LOVE his "you gotta be kiddin' me" look.

Gretchen was not very cooperative with photos, but this one is OK. At least she's still cute right?

Lorelei wanted to do a mini photo shoot. I was trying to take a really cute picture of Gretchen being all pouty, but she just kept running away. Lorelei kept saying take one of me over here, and I'm gonna run there and then turn around and you can take my picture. SHe didn't even have that many where her eyes were closed.