Friday, November 27, 2009

Should I try it?

I found this on line last year and just remembered it. I'm thinking of testing it out this year. What do you think. I just need to find/make an elf.

Christmas is approaching, and this is the day
Santa has sent Mr. Peeps to your house to stay.
He sent this small elf to your house and mine.
Soon after Thanksgiving, He must be on time.
Mr. Peeps has a purpose. His purpose will be,
To whisper to Santa all the good that he sees.
Soon after he gets here, he moves only at night
To high places, low places, he stays in plain sight.
In the kitchen, for instance, he sits high on a shelf.
Mr. Peeps can sit anywhere, for he is an elf.
He holds very still when he thinks you are watching.
His magic is precious, it fades with on touching.
He sits on the tree on Christmas Eve day.
He knows that Santa is soon on his way.
He waits and he waits without making a noise.
He waits until Santa arrives with the toys.
So you better be nice and mind what you say
Because Mr. Peeps will tell Santa when he comes with his sleigh.
Once Christmas is here and Santa has come,
Mr. Peeps must leave, for his job is well done.
But, he will return next year on the very same day,
To watch your behavior as you work and play.
- Sharon Reynolds


Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

DO IT!!!!!

Meikjn said...

that sounds like fun. I think having the kids report on the nice things they see others do each night is fun too. it will make the kids try harder.

Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
It has touched it! It has reached it!