Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here are some more things I've worked on recently. I made the mustache and smile for a school performance Joe had. He actually didn't wear these, but 2 other classmates did. I didn't get a photo of his costume yet, but imagine an afro wig, oversized glasses, and fur on his arms and legs, and you've got it. Another baby means another baby blanket and burp cloth set. The spool family is OUR family and they were another birthday present for Gigi. They were intended to go with the fabric house I made for her at Christmas time. She likes to set up the Princess & the Pea set with this one and then they play together. They have sleep overs and play hie and seek. One time the princess shared her mattresses with all the girls and I asked where the boys were sleeping. They were in the drawer. I laughed out loud. I'm really glad my kids like the things I make. I made the twirl skirts out of extra fabric I had from Easter dresses a few years ago. And the ribbons are dancing rings that I made for Gigi's Easter basket. The photos of the van just cracked me up. Gretchen is so funny when she plays. I mean how many people can she fit in there? I love the men jutting out of the windows. Are they trying to escape?

The Princess and the Pea

This is Gigi's story box. I made it for her birthday. It started out as an old barbie box. I really like how it turned out. I was inspired by this, but I made it my own. I painted the wood and added the velvety swatches to the exterior, and then Cami helped me learn how to recover the interior with better paper. I sewed the mattresses and pillow and blanket from scraps I had, and bought the bed & chair in a kit on ebay and put it together and painted it. I cut and painted the Ladder and printed the Princess portrait off the internet and put it in a round "frame". I painted the princess on a wooden doll thing and added a ring of braided yarn for her hair. I think I spent $17 on the whole thing and the most expensive part was the bird cage for $5 (I should have found a coupon). I really wanted a Chandelier, but couldn't find one at a price I liked and was unsuccessful in making one look how I wanted. So, the day before her birthday I found the birdcage in the jewelry section at Micheals.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gretchen is 3!

Well, Gretchen is a bit Princess obsessed right now, and so I thought it only appropriate to make a princess cake for her birthday. She also got mostly princess oriented presents. Here are a few quick picts. We just had a family gathering, but Braden did some small fireworks and had a nice time outside. And Joseph did some magic tricks for us.