Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lorelei's Tonsils

It all started 2+ years ago. When Lorelei started get fevers quite frequently. We took her to the Doctor and they always said it's a virus and just wait for it to clear on it's own. The frequency and temperature both rose as time went on. We started to become more concerned when the fevers were coming at least each month and they started getting REALLY high and was accompanied by aches in her legs. Just before we started seeing the Specialist (Dr Steven Marker) They were coming every 2 or 3 weeks and were reaching upwards of 104 degrees. We had ruled out several of the big things like Leukemia and juvenile arthritis. But it wasn't until Aunt Kris (Thompson) was filled in, did the thought of tonsils cross our minds. She was sure that was it, and thank goodness she was right!

We continued to see Dr. Marker with and without fevers, and after a few months he determined that in fact it was infection in the tonsils that just didn't seem to heal. He told us about all the risks that go with tonsil removal and wanted to wait to see "if she would grow into her tonsils" and the problem would solve itself. He scared me at first with what he was saying. He gave us an antibiotic and that slightly lessoned the frequency and severity of the fevers, but not by much. We (everyone) were getting fed up with waiting and waiting, so we suggested getting the ball rolling by having the initial appointment with the ENT doc so that when it's time to do it, we can just schedule the surgery.
We did, and Dr Soumek said, "Let's do it." We were pleased to see a light at the end of the tunnel. We scheduled the surgery to have Lorelei's tonsils and adenoids removed almost 2 months later. While she got sick a time or 2 before then, we knew and hoped that it would be for the last time.
She went into Minneapolis Children's Hospital on the early morning of March 5th 2009. The night before she received a priesthood blessing from Braden, Uncle Matt and both of her Grandfathers. We were confident and "felt good" about the whole process and the doctors involved. We got there and she got her hospital 'jammies and settled in. We met with the "sleep doctor" and many nurses and finally the doctor. They were wonderful and made Lorelei especially feel good about what was going to happen.

It was difficult to watch her "fall asleep", but she was a trooper. SHe was able to choose a Lip Smacker flavor (bubble gum) so she could smell something pleasant as she dozed off. The actual surgery went by very quickly, and before we knew it we were just waiting for her to wake up to see her. She was in quite a bit of pain and had a swollen face, but it was SO good to see her again. She ate her popsicle right away and wanted to watch the movie she had picked out earlier that day (Barbie Swan Lake). We stayed at the hospital a few hours while they monitored her progress and she became more aware. We only had one hiccup in the whole process when she threw up just before going home. We were told to not be surprised by any of that.
Coming home has been both difficult and miraculous. She has done better than anyone expected, and really loves having chocolate ice cream for breakfast. She also has been very sore, emotional, and tired. We need to remind her to rest her body and voice. As you probably know, she loves to talk and sing.

We are pleased with her progress and know that while there are no guarantees that this will solve the problem we are hopefully optimistic that it will. On of the most fun things about the experience was that they sent her home with a goody bag of hospital things; child sized face mask, latex gloves, hair cover, actual mask used in her surgery washed with new bubble gum flavored stuff, band aids, cotton balls, gauze, there may be more, but that's all I can remember. Anyway, she and Joe and Gigi have been playing hospital and surgery since she's been home. It's the cutest thing, and she and Joseph are both so precise and detailed about what they are doing. They really learned a lot from the whole process. I remember her doing similar things when she got home from the hospital when she was 2 and had athsma. Gosh I love those guys!
We are glad that Lorelei is home and so far all is well.

The shots are of Lorelei prior to and just after the surgery and then playing doctor the evening we were home.


Courtney said...

Wow indeed - I'm so glad the day of the surgery finally came and health and wellness will be both in the near and far futures.

What a trouper indeed (that probably goes for Lorelei AND mom). You continue to be in our prayers - Elin's so looking forward to being able to play again soon!

Katie said...

NO WAY! My younger child had tubes in his ears this week, and Dr. Soumek did it at Children's, too. Small world!