Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tonsil day

Well as most of you know we have struggled with high and frequent fevers with our sweet Lorelei. It's been a long time and after many tests proving it was not something horrible and too scary, and many trips to the specialist, we know it's due to tonsilitis (thanks Jerry & Kris for putting the idea in our heads). They wanted to wait and wait to take them out hoping that she would outgrow her tonsils and the infection. Well we've finally seen an ENT and he has agreed to take them out the first week of March. YEA!!! Just thought I'd post an update in this aspect of our lives. I'm sure it will be a couple hard weeks durring recovery but we hope that it will solve Lorelei's mystery fevers.


Courtney said...

Wonderful news - no more fevers! We'll certainly keep you in our prayers.

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

Cool - tonsils, eh? Let me know the big day so we can all pray for her!