Saturday, February 28, 2009


So this morning, Lorelei was getting ready for a "Royal Birthday Ball" (a friends birthday party). She was wearing a beautiful and fancy black & white dress, white tights, black patten leather shoes, black choker and headband. Her hair was done in a "boofage" and needless to say she loved every minute of getting ready and looking fancy. She really did look great! Anyway, I left her looking in the mirror to find the lipstick and blush she had picked out. As I turned the corner I heard and glanced at her dancing in front of the mirror singing "popular, I gonna be popU-oo-lar" (think Wicked). I started cracking up! First of all because she knew the song, and secondly because she was so in the moment.
Here are some pictures from the party. I still don't have the one's I took off my camera, but with these you can see Elin and all the girls. They had such a fun party! Lorelei gave Elin the pink crown she is wearing in the first picture.

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The Osborne Family said...

She looks beautiful!