Saturday, February 28, 2009


So this morning, Lorelei was getting ready for a "Royal Birthday Ball" (a friends birthday party). She was wearing a beautiful and fancy black & white dress, white tights, black patten leather shoes, black choker and headband. Her hair was done in a "boofage" and needless to say she loved every minute of getting ready and looking fancy. She really did look great! Anyway, I left her looking in the mirror to find the lipstick and blush she had picked out. As I turned the corner I heard and glanced at her dancing in front of the mirror singing "popular, I gonna be popU-oo-lar" (think Wicked). I started cracking up! First of all because she knew the song, and secondly because she was so in the moment.
Here are some pictures from the party. I still don't have the one's I took off my camera, but with these you can see Elin and all the girls. They had such a fun party! Lorelei gave Elin the pink crown she is wearing in the first picture.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New poem

This is the newest poem we are working on memorizing.

Young Night-thought

All night long and every night,
When my mama puts out the light,
I see the people marching by,
Plain as day, before my eye.

Armies and emperors and kings,
All carrying different kinds of things,
And marching in so grand a way,
You never saw they like by day.

So fine a show was never seen,
At the great circus on the green;
For every kind of beast or man
Is marching in that caravan.

At first they move a little slow,
But still the faster on they go,
And still beside them close I keep
Until we reach the town of Sleep.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How far and wide the fairies fly

Lorelei was given a peom book about fairies for her birthday called If you see a Fairy Ring. She loved it from the start. A couple weeks ago, to combat the rowdiness that insued at bedtime, we added a feature to our betime routine. The last poem in her book is called Sleep Song. it seemed to work (somewhat) and they ALL seemed to enjoy it, so we have read this poem after prayers each night for nearly 2 weeks. What I didn't expect to happen is the sudden and perfect memorization of the poem by Lorelei and Joseph. Two nights ago I told them that if they remembered any parts of it (like the rhyming words) to say it with me. THEY SAID THE WHOLE DARN THING! I was blown away. They just needed one or two prompts to complete it that night by themselves, and now they do it all on their own. Here is the poem we say. We decided this morning to do a new poem each month or more if it's too easy.

Sleep Song

How far and wide the fairies fly
On bright and golden wing,
But when they settle down to sleep
A gentle song they sing.
Sweet Queen of Night
Soft silver stars
We're glad you are so near
We seek our beds
We rest our heads
Without a moments fear.
On Thistledown
In hidden nooks
We watch the wanning light
The joys of sleep
Upon us creep
We wish you all goodnight.

Steven Kroll

The fairy book has authors like Shakespeare and Laura Ingalls Wilder
I just found my Poem book that I loved as a child. It has no cover, but I love the verses and the illustrations. It's called A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson and Illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa. I know he has been around forever and there are dozens of this book with different illustrators. I just looked at amazon and they have a reprint of it out now with the same illustrations. I may need to take a trip to the store today. I recommend it to anyone with little ones and also any of the Shel Silversteen books. Love 'em!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tonsil day

Well as most of you know we have struggled with high and frequent fevers with our sweet Lorelei. It's been a long time and after many tests proving it was not something horrible and too scary, and many trips to the specialist, we know it's due to tonsilitis (thanks Jerry & Kris for putting the idea in our heads). They wanted to wait and wait to take them out hoping that she would outgrow her tonsils and the infection. Well we've finally seen an ENT and he has agreed to take them out the first week of March. YEA!!! Just thought I'd post an update in this aspect of our lives. I'm sure it will be a couple hard weeks durring recovery but we hope that it will solve Lorelei's mystery fevers.

Monday, February 2, 2009

This is kinda cool. I think if I were to actually print something out to frame or whatever, I would use less words, but I thought the idea was clever. I made this in less than a minute from our Christmas letter (choosing colors and layouts ect). Check it out. Just paste any sort of text in or whatever and it chooses the more frequent word to make bigger and put in. It would be cool with a favorite poem or even a list of attributes about a person or family.

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alt="Wordle: letter"
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