Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Apple Orchard Photos

This fall we went to an orchard to take some family photos. this entry will be overloaded with photos so if you don't like them, stop right here. So my awesome sis in law Cami took "some" shots for us and this is how things turned out. I must say how much I love my family. I can't stop looking at these pictures. THere are So many that I want to show off, but I need to go do some work around the house and therefore need to get off this computer. Oh & help me decide which photo to enlarge for our VERY outdated family photo.

Here are some other fun shots. There were so many, and I can't put them all on, so if you want to see many many more you'll have to come to our house and see them.

We sure love those kids! We can't get enough of them, and we think everyone else should feel that way too.

Joe cracks us up and is growing so fast.

Lorelei makes us smile so much.

Our girl Gigi is as cute as always!

Fun in the sun - brother & sister.
These ones loaded backwards. Start at the bottom and scroll up for the full effect.


Mimi said...

all of them are darling. Fall pictures are the best.

emily litt said...

For the love...if those kids get any cuter I'll just have to fly home:) Kami did a great job. So many cute pictures...WOW!

Heathere Willoughby said...

I vote for the 6th one down for blowing up.....

Courtney said...

What beautiful pictures, some great family shots!
ooks like a fun orchard, where'd you go?

The Billups said...

Wow, all these pictures are so Cute!! I love them!! You guys are such a beautiful family!

David and Shelly said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I can't stop looking at them either. I like the one you chose for the "Here we are" on your sidebar for the blowup. Gigi's hair is soooo cute! She looks like a Pottery Barn Kid! You all do! The love in your family is screamingly obvious.