Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic and Merry Christmas this year. Ours was white and full of enthusiasm from the kids (except Gretchen didn't want to wake up even for presents from Santa). Here is our wonderful ward primary as the Nativity. You can't see the Christ child much in this shot, but he (she) is there. Love those kids!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Should I try it?

I found this on line last year and just remembered it. I'm thinking of testing it out this year. What do you think. I just need to find/make an elf.

Christmas is approaching, and this is the day
Santa has sent Mr. Peeps to your house to stay.
He sent this small elf to your house and mine.
Soon after Thanksgiving, He must be on time.
Mr. Peeps has a purpose. His purpose will be,
To whisper to Santa all the good that he sees.
Soon after he gets here, he moves only at night
To high places, low places, he stays in plain sight.
In the kitchen, for instance, he sits high on a shelf.
Mr. Peeps can sit anywhere, for he is an elf.
He holds very still when he thinks you are watching.
His magic is precious, it fades with on touching.
He sits on the tree on Christmas Eve day.
He knows that Santa is soon on his way.
He waits and he waits without making a noise.
He waits until Santa arrives with the toys.
So you better be nice and mind what you say
Because Mr. Peeps will tell Santa when he comes with his sleigh.
Once Christmas is here and Santa has come,
Mr. Peeps must leave, for his job is well done.
But, he will return next year on the very same day,
To watch your behavior as you work and play.
- Sharon Reynolds

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Queen of Hearts and Alice in Wonderland Costume Set GIVEAWAY!!!!

She's done it again!!! Check these costumes out. OH I WOULD DIE IF I WON THESE!!!

Queen of Hearts and Alice in Wonderland Costume Set GIVEAWAY!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here are some more things I've worked on recently. I made the mustache and smile for a school performance Joe had. He actually didn't wear these, but 2 other classmates did. I didn't get a photo of his costume yet, but imagine an afro wig, oversized glasses, and fur on his arms and legs, and you've got it. Another baby means another baby blanket and burp cloth set. The spool family is OUR family and they were another birthday present for Gigi. They were intended to go with the fabric house I made for her at Christmas time. She likes to set up the Princess & the Pea set with this one and then they play together. They have sleep overs and play hie and seek. One time the princess shared her mattresses with all the girls and I asked where the boys were sleeping. They were in the drawer. I laughed out loud. I'm really glad my kids like the things I make. I made the twirl skirts out of extra fabric I had from Easter dresses a few years ago. And the ribbons are dancing rings that I made for Gigi's Easter basket. The photos of the van just cracked me up. Gretchen is so funny when she plays. I mean how many people can she fit in there? I love the men jutting out of the windows. Are they trying to escape?

The Princess and the Pea

This is Gigi's story box. I made it for her birthday. It started out as an old barbie box. I really like how it turned out. I was inspired by this, but I made it my own. I painted the wood and added the velvety swatches to the exterior, and then Cami helped me learn how to recover the interior with better paper. I sewed the mattresses and pillow and blanket from scraps I had, and bought the bed & chair in a kit on ebay and put it together and painted it. I cut and painted the Ladder and printed the Princess portrait off the internet and put it in a round "frame". I painted the princess on a wooden doll thing and added a ring of braided yarn for her hair. I think I spent $17 on the whole thing and the most expensive part was the bird cage for $5 (I should have found a coupon). I really wanted a Chandelier, but couldn't find one at a price I liked and was unsuccessful in making one look how I wanted. So, the day before her birthday I found the birdcage in the jewelry section at Micheals.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gretchen is 3!

Well, Gretchen is a bit Princess obsessed right now, and so I thought it only appropriate to make a princess cake for her birthday. She also got mostly princess oriented presents. Here are a few quick picts. We just had a family gathering, but Braden did some small fireworks and had a nice time outside. And Joseph did some magic tricks for us.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

the top down

One more reason to the spring is hangin' out in Uncle Matt's car with the top down. They LOVE this car - but who wouldn't? They also love Erin's smart car - also in bright yellow. Oh and a random potty training shot.

What do you call it when everyone around you is having a baby?

Time to make some presents!
I have been sewing lots of baby blankets this last month. I have only given 3 away so far, but I'm sewing all the flannel material I have up to be ready for more. I also need to get my etsy shop up and running and maybe make a little side money with all these things too. Anyway, I've had fun with these ones and my new machine has an alphabet in it, so I've been able to put the baby's names and birthdays on them. Some of the fabric I've used and love make it hard to see, but The Mom still knows it's there. I forgot to take pictures of the first one I handed out, but that's OK. I'll put a picture up of the mass (20 or so) more blankets that I'm almost done with. I just have to put the decorative stich on them. I gave them one oversized receiving blanket and a matching burp cloth or two depending on how much of the fabric was left.

Spring concerts

Both the kids have had Spring Concerts this last month. Joseph's was first, and was a lot of fun to watch. I really like his music teacher. Sadly my camera was out of batteries and I have no photos to show you. Picture a mass of first graders on stands singing and doing actions. They even mixed some magic into the performance.

Lorelei goes to head start half the week and they also had a Spring Concert. Each class sang a couple of songs and then they all joined together to sing one or two more. They all wore crazy hats and glasses. I love to see my kids participate in these fun events.


I made 3 felt crowns this week. I stared Joseph's (pirate king)and Gretchen's (purple flower) a while ago, but as many things do, it got pushed to the side to make way for other things. Lorelei is going to a birthday party next week and so I made this ( A with garden)for the birthday girl. I don't think her mom looks at our blog, but if you do, don't show it to Annie.

Como, sweet Como...

We had a fun "girls day" at the Como last week with the Kriz's. It was such a perfect day. I do love the spring. The girls of course had a blast and loved the animals. Thanks Charissa!

I Heart Moss

I have a new love in my life. It's green and cool and damp. No it's not frogs. that is an old love. My new friend is Moss, and I am obsessed now with making Moss Terrariums. Like many of my brilliant ideas, I saw someone else make one first. So I went to the thrift store and bought some glass containers as well as saved pickle jars and candel jars and anything glass thing I could find with a lid. Here is what I have made. I did not make the cute polymer clay mushroom houses, or the hedgehogs, but I will try my hand at the sweet mushrooms in the near future. The 3 with tags were given as gifts for mother's day to my Mom, Mother-in-law, and Grandma G.
The hardest part was finding the moss. I tryed to get it at garden stores ect, but it's no where to be found. Thankfully Matt found some at his place and I now know several places where I can find it.

I had quite a bit of trouble with focusing on these with close ups. I'll need to take some better shots soon.