Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My 2 girlie girls

I have t he cutest girls (and boy but this post is about the girls)! They play so well together (most of the time). They both love to dress up and pretend. Grestchen's new thing is singing princess songs. Her favorite is "I'm wishing" from Snow White. She sings it over & over in that high voice like in the movie. We had to take her out at church last week because she wouldn't stop. It's adorable! Lorelei is into the princess or character of the moment. We went to the Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe last week at the Children's Theater, and she wants to act out her favorite scene's all day long. Here are the girls on day after their baths singing and dancing. And also sitting together just hanging out and being cute.


Jessica 7 said...

Cute girls!

Tana - I wanted to tell you how much my kids love the hats that you made! When Marie told us that you made them, I was so excited and impressed! Now there are 5 of your creations walking around in Connecticut. Thank you for your talent!
~ Jessica Gray :)

emily litt said...

They are just way toooooooo cute! Give them xoxoxo's for me.