Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I hate to do our holiday greetings this way, but it's been a busy time (when isn't it). So I resolve to post our well wishes and updates on our blog, instead of not at all. I hope this makes it to most of you! This has been an interesting and full year. We have packed up and moved twice. First to an apartment in Plymouth and then to our first house in New Hope that we rent from some good friends. It sure is nice to live in a house with a yard and some extra space. Joseph loves his new school and teacher. And I have enjoyed helping in his classroom most weeks.

Our littlest girl Gretchen is 2 and far from a baby now. She talks all day long and says the funniest things. She is all about pretending now. It's fun to see her develop those skills and concepts. She love princesses, babies, fairies and anything her sister does. She is our dare devil who is afraid of nothing and will try most anything. She is such a joy to be with! We are working on potty training and hope it comes quickly.

Lorelei is so imaginative and kind! She also has a new school and is excited about kindergarten next year. Her teachers tell us how they love her and how they have to think of new things for her to do because she knows the things the other kids are learning. She loves to learn and is very inquisitive. She loves to tell stories and have stories told to her. Just ask Grandma G. At 4, she thinks she's 16. She has also suffered from chronic HIGH fevers and leg aches for the last 2+ years. She has seen a specialist this fall and winter. He has determined that it is all caused by her tonsils. He is still hoping she grows out of it, but we are doubtful. He has told us that we will remove her tonsils after the next fever or two. Something else to look forward to for 2009.

Joseph is a comedian as always. One of his prize presents this season was a joke book. When you see him ask him if he knows a good joke. He is very active and loves to make friends. He loves his Legos, and has MANY. He turned 7 this year and I can hardly believe I am the mother of a 7 year old. He loves his bike and scooter and looks forward to mastering roller skates. Thank goodness for helmets and knee pads. Oh, and the concept of spelling words out at home so the kids don't know what we talk about is over. Never-fail, he will blurt out whatever was spelled. I love that kid!

This year I got a new sewing machine (which I LOVE). I have had fun experimenting and making new things. I have become obsessed with following crafty blogs of people I don't know. I get lots of great ideas and it's fun to see what others make and the creativity of my other spirit sisters. I am busy with my work at church in the Relief Society, raising a family and trying to get my creative juices out. I hope 2009 brings a website and more exposure to the things I make so I can supplement our income and share the things I make with others out there. I have fun thinking of new things to make and am glad my family usually likes what I make too 'cause they get the prototypes. Then I figure out how to make them better.

Braden has been done with school now for a year and has been working for TCF Bank. While he still seeks a more fulfilling career, we are hopeful that it will come soon. Here's to 2009! I am grateful for all the hard work Braden gives our family, and remember those cold mornings when I used to wait in below 0 temps at the bus stop. He sacrifices a lot for our family. Two of my favorite things about my husband is when he teaches something to the kids. He is SUCH a good teacher. I also Love when he makes up a story or song. He usually lets the kids pick an object, or name of the character, to create the story and then the magic happens. And his stories always have a crazy twist or something. I keep telling him to write them down so I can illustrate them for the kids and we can tell them over & over.

2008 is nearly over, and I look forward to 2009. I enjoyed growing and learning with my wonderful family. I hope you had a good year and will have an even better year coming soon. I will add a photo when I get our family shots back.

Love the Barnharts
Braden, Tana, Joseph, Lorelei, & Gretchen (Gigi)


JennyFife said...

Thanks Tana. It is good to hear how you are doing. We miss you and enjoy looking at your blog. We wish you the best in 2009!

Mimi said...

we were listening to the Frog and Toad musical soundtrack the other day and wanted tot hank you again for the ticketsm(long ago). Since then we got all the books and I have read all the stories multiple times with William. I wish I could see it again now that I now it better. cookies cookies eating cookies...
Good luck for 2009!

Mimi said...

I would love some links to your fav blogs. Right now I am in the knitting stage and made Evey and William funky arm warmers.