Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The coolest thing I've ever made!

This is what Gigi will open up on Christmas morning. I'm really excited about it and think it's most likely the coolest thing I've ever made. I follow several blogs of people I've never met, and have gotten LOTS of amazing ideas from them. But one of my problems is I can't do anything simple. I do things that are beyond my ability. Sometimes I do great and other times I just work my way through it. Knowing the way my kids play I didn't want to just iron on some window frames and use paints to fill in details so I appliqued the whole thing. Even adding some shading on the woodwork with different thread colors. I hand drew and planned out the whole thing (except for the basic shape and instructions for the frame - but I even changed that a little and made it bigger ect.). I was going for a family cottage in the woods. I wanted to try a german or European feel with the dark woodwork ect, but couldn't get it out except for the sides of the roof. I wanted animals and jewel toned fabrics. I used everything I already had. I had great plans to make awesome spool dolls representing our family and got 20% through and had to work on a ton of other stuff, so that will have to be a project for a different day. Anyway, enjoy. I hope my girls like it as much as I do. Here is a link to the site I got the directions from.

Here are shots of the sides and back. My shots look a little blurry 'cause there were kids trying to get in the door as I taking pictures. I had trouble with the gnome, but he's OK. I had grand ideas of tall flowers and or a laundry line, but I had trouble with execution and timelines. I just couldn't get the ideas from my head to the fabric. Don't get me wrong, I am pleased with the outcome, but when I vision something and can't get it out, I get disappointed. There's always next time.

Here is the interior. The walls look VERY blue, but it's really not overwhelming. The house comes with an indoor cat, a pet bird, a portrait or famous painting. I showed Braden and he said it looked a little barren inside. I immediately scrunched up my face and defended my work. Then I added an oval rug and a picnic blanket. I guess I could have added a fireplace or grandfather clock, but I ran out of time. Anyway I'm really pleased with my work and had a ton of fun with it! I don't know when I'll make another, but I have a ton of more ideas and things to try. Maybe a gingerbread house, or shop of some sort.


Bridget said...

That is amazing! You are so creative and I know that she'll love it. I am so impressed!

emily litt said...

way to go...that is sooooo sweet! I want one:) can i have a white picket fence (ask Erin). Miss you guys...heard you had fun tonight. Love you.

Vera said...

You should sell your creations on Etsy! It's a great place to make a little pocket money. You have so many talents. WOW!