Friday, November 14, 2008


Joseph changed his mind more often than his underwear this year about who he wanted to be for Halloween. Oh I miss the days of being in charge of that decision. As you can see he is Batman. He already had a Batman symbol &, But to my chagrin it had a BLUE cape. He wanted the grey Batman with Black cape and scalloped edges and including yellow belt and black briefs, but not forgetting the hood and boots. I had to start from scratch here. In the nick of time I completed this ensemble just before halloween. I was even able to make and then modify a muscle suit to wear under it. (When I first made it, it looked a little busty-oops). We face painted the top half of his face black for the church party, but He opted out on the Big night.

Lorelei goes through phases of which movies she wants to always watch and who she is pretending to be. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with her. But, she seams to always come back to Belle. She was also Belle last year. Grandma bought her a cute crown to wear this year and I just had to take down the Hem I put in last Fall.

Gigi was Snow White. It wasn't until we started talking about Halloween costumes that I found out she knew all the disney princesses names. Luckily we had this costume in the dress up box and I just had to shorten it to fit my littlest princess. Apples have been a favorite fruit since going to the orchard, so we thought it a nice touch. Let's hope she knows the person who gave it to her. Learn from Snow white. Don't take apples from creepy & pushy older ladies.

Here are my three rascals all together. They were pretty cute. Gigi carried her apple with her everywhere until she realized how hard it was to gather candy from strangers while munching on the poisonous fruit.

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