Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summer Fun

When the dudes turned 2 there was much celebrating. They had a pool and a slip-n-slide, and invited all the important people over to play. Here is some of the action, playing in the water and opening presents.

Here are cousins playing and the newest members of the 2's club sporting their new winter dino hats I made.

Another thing we like to do each year is go to the music in Plymouth celebration. It's a blast! We went with the Barnharts and were right next to our new ward, so we went back & forth.

We spent many days in the Barnhart's backyard. It's nice to sit on the deck or a on a blanket on the grass. We lit off many a firework, and the kids even went on 4 wheeler, wagon and mover rides.

Bath time is a blast at our house. This is how cute Gretchen looks after her bath. She LOVES her bunny towel and hops all over the place. I have some cute bum shots of her too, but didn't think those belonged on the internet.

The girls (Gigi especially) are going through a stage of wearing Mama's shoes. They LOVE the high heals.

We only made it to the MN zoo once this summer. Usually we are frequent visitors. We always love the farm, and particularly liked the Russian Grizzly coast exhibit. We pretty much spent the day outside. In the winter we do all the indoors stuff, so we wanted to make sure we got to all the outdoor exhibits. It was a beautiful day that started out cool, but by the time we made it to the splash area, it was rather warm.


emily litt said...

Wow...I'm famous...I made the Barnhart website!!! See you guys tomorrow.

David and Shelly said...

Gigi has turned into such a cute little lady. I LOVE the new dino hats!! I wanna learn how to make
'em! Your kid quotes are still cracking me up.

Steeves Family said...

We love the zoo. Next time you go, we would love to meet you there.