Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer Fun

We've had a lot of fun this summer, but I haven't blogged much to show off my cute kids.
Way back in June we went to the annual Earle Brown Days Parade. It goes right past my Mom's home, so we make it a big party. The kids were very excited until Lorelei sat down on the side of the street & realized that the Sun would be in our eyes for a short time. She was set against wearing her hat that I brought for just such a reason, and finally accepted mine. She sometimes needs some warming up to an idea before she accepts it. But she finally decided to stop pouting and have fun when she made friends with Elin Youngquist. The two of them would hug the costumed characters, dance to the music or even wave at the royalty.

Here is my other sleeping beauty. I went to wake her up one day, and this is how I found her sleeping. Her head gently resting on her "Owie Bear's" lap while lovingly holding baby beans (which she outright stole from Grandma Larsen's home one day). Plus, she's oriented herself sideways so she's only on her pillow. I love that girl!

Here's the kids with their ice cream. Do you see why I make them eat it outside? I live Gigi's beard & 'stashe.


Lil' Jane said...

I saw that you had a blog from your facebook page, so I thought I would check it out! SUPER CUTE!!! Your kids are adorable! I love the ice cream pictures! (By the way, this is Kelltie!)

Jessica Gray said...

Hey Tana! I found your blog from Christa Ogden's. Your kids are so cute! I'll be checking it to see what you're up to. I send out a newsletter about my family instead of a blog. If you're interested in receiving that or want to say hi, email me -
Jessica (formerly Grant) Gray ;)