Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Dragons

We had an FHE lesson this week about sportsmanship and talked about the olympics and things. We wanted a way to celebrate during the olympics, so we made these cool chinese dragon puppets to wave around while we watch and cheer on team USA. It's been fun and they like to play with them a lot. Gretchen did help with hers, but she was napping when I took the picture. ya snooze ya lose.


emily litt said...

Joe looks like Wes with the sunglasses on...totally priceless. Great FHE activity! give my love to the kidos:)

Jessica Gray said...

Those dragons are way cool! That's an awesome idea for FHE - I think I'll copy it. That will be way more fun than flipping frantically through the "Friend" (as I hear the words "and now we'll have a lesson by Mommy") and finding we've already read all the stories... ;)

The Keeslers said...

Tana, you always have the best ideas. I am going to have to come to you for ideas when I have some little tikes to entertain. I love reading through your blog, so i just figured I should leave a comment to let you know. Hope all is well.