Tuesday, August 5, 2008

National Night Out

We went to the National Night Out celebration at our apartment building and met some neighbors and had some ice cream. Pretty non exciting, but nice.
Then Uncle Jared called and asked if we wanted to come to their party. Much more exciting.
Uncle Spencer played music and sang. He really is good, and I started to forget that many of his songs are original and he REALLy is good. They had yummy food, and of course Jared and Cami for the kids to pay with. But most exciting was Cami's sister Colette with her face painting. The kids were so excited. Joseph doesn't look excited, but he was being silly. He actually stalked her until she was ready to start the painting, so he could be first. Lorelei was in her element. She sat there perfectly still with her eyes closed and lovin' every second of the whole makeup artist thing. Gigi loved it to, but we did a very easy and quick star on her cheek and then 2 on her hand so she could see it. Thanks to the aunts & uncles for another fun night! You'r party was WAY better than ours.

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emily litt said...

I should not be surprised that Joe was Batman (he could have been luke skywalker) and your little princess of course! Gigi cracks me up...I miss you guys it has been forever...next weekend as I'm gone again this upcoming weekend:) hugs and kisses to the kidos