Monday, July 21, 2008

OK I know that I have a million other posts to catch up on, but I want to get this one in 'cause I need your help.

I want to enter this contest (that's due in a week or so) through Hancock Fabrics for sewing this dress. I need to know which photo to enter. Help me pick. It's through the pattern maker, so I'm assuming they want a good shot of the dress and not as concerned about the beautiful girl wearing it. But I'm not sure. Awesome Aunt Cami went with us a couple months ago to the Landscape Arboretum and took the photos. Let me know which one you think I should enter into the contest. You can vote on the side column.
BTW, I made the dress for her nearly two years ago, so it's a little short on her, I don't want them to notice that in the shots.

These are some of the other super cute shots that I love. I love my Lorelei's smile! There are absolutely too many to choose from, but these are the photos that stuck out at me tonight.


emily litt said...

Well given the girl in the picture is way too adorable...I think you should shoot for a modeling agency first:)

I like the umbrella one and then the one that looks like she's twirling. You should use the vote function on the blog that way you don't' have to read all the posts:)

Heathere Willoughby said...

#3 where she is twirling with the green grass as the background. For sure!

nimbus said...

I vote for the first umbrella one, with the one with the grass background as second. Yeah, do a blog poll.

Toones in a Bucket said...


The kids look great! You and Brayden look great! All the pictures look great! Things look like they are going just great for ya! I hope so.

Write me sometime.


monica said...

I'm sure it's too late to vote, but if I had my pick it would be #3 with the green grass in the background.