Monday, July 21, 2008

OK I know that I have a million other posts to catch up on, but I want to get this one in 'cause I need your help.

I want to enter this contest (that's due in a week or so) through Hancock Fabrics for sewing this dress. I need to know which photo to enter. Help me pick. It's through the pattern maker, so I'm assuming they want a good shot of the dress and not as concerned about the beautiful girl wearing it. But I'm not sure. Awesome Aunt Cami went with us a couple months ago to the Landscape Arboretum and took the photos. Let me know which one you think I should enter into the contest. You can vote on the side column.
BTW, I made the dress for her nearly two years ago, so it's a little short on her, I don't want them to notice that in the shots.

These are some of the other super cute shots that I love. I love my Lorelei's smile! There are absolutely too many to choose from, but these are the photos that stuck out at me tonight.