Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Goodbye to head start

Just before we moved Lorelei's head start had a spring concert that was really fun. It was the last week of her attending due to the big move, so it was fun to go out with a bang. Her class sang several songs including the chicken dance, head shoulders knees and toes and Itsy Bitsy Spider (thus the spiders on their heads. It was really fun to watch. Gigi thought she should perform too, so for a while, she stood just in front of the risers the students were on. Then we went back to her classroom and played with the kids a bit. She has loved her school and keeps asking when she can go back. She'll attend a different head start building in the fall.

We also went to the end of year carnival and all of her teachers and friends came up to her and gave her big hugs and told her how much they missed her. It was fun to see everyone after a month. No photos, but the kids rode ponies and jumed in the bounce house got stuffed dinos and a super cool pop up book.

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