Monday, June 23, 2008

Breakfast Theater

So this year for Fathers day we had our 2nd annual breakfast theater. We made a big yummy breakfast, and performed a play while Braden ate breakfast. This year our play was called
"Who's your Daddy?" or "I Am Your Father's Day"
Of course a play on Star Wars. It was silly and cheesy, but also loaded with special effects and amazing fight scenes.

We opened with Jedi training with Yoda. The classic piggy ride and head stand.

Here are some action shots of the play. First is Yoda raising the X-wing fighter out of the swamp after Luke was unsuccessful. That's where the special efects came in. Then Leia with Vader in pursuit close behind. Then just a shot of the wise and powerful Jedi Yoda.

Cast of characters
Joseph playing Luke Skywalker
Lorelei playing Princess Leia
Gigi playing Yoda
The dress up case playing Darth Vader

Bows & curtain call.
See you next year... You've been a great audience!


Bridget said...

That is SUCH a great idea! You're so creative, I'm continually impressed. And the cast is adorable!

Jenny said...

I'm so happy I found your blog. Your Father's Day Theater is the best! I love it. What a talented girl you are.

BTW: We had a family reunion for my grandfather's (Richard Bigelow) family. Thought you might want to see pictures since we are related through the Bigelows!