Sunday, May 4, 2008

name change due to s p a m !!!

This is the LAST birthday celebration, and what a run! Lorelei's friend Tori gave her a great gift. She was to accompany her to a party hosted by Lorelei's favorite Princess Belle. They were Belles guest and the local fire station in Roseville. They were to Meet the famous Princess in all her real life glory. She let them look through her magic kaleidoscope and spin and dance.

Belle read her own story to the girls and played a couple flannel board games with them.

Belle put a jewel of choice on each girls cheek. Then they got to look into her magic mirror.

Belle lead the group in a lively ribbon dance with lots of shaking and twirling and the princesses loved it.

Lorelei as Belle meeting her very favorite princess Belle. She was SO excited!

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David and Shelly said...

WOW!! That is the biggest bunch of birthday celebrations I've ever seen! Looks like a blast, Lorelei! Your family is so cute.