Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Amazing Joseph

By the way, I don't know why they are sideways. They are the right direction in my iphoto. Anyway, Joseph is a performer. He loves to tell jokes and put on shows and things. He got a magic set for Christmas from Grandma Larsen. He loves it and can do some of the tricks pretty well.


Joseph and Gigi have a special relationship. they (usually) play very well together, and love each other very much. They love to snuggle.

A blast from the past

Our old neighbors and good friends the Petersons (who live near Fargo), came to visit for a weekend. It was fun to see them. It was the weekend before we moved and just a few weeks before they had another baby. It was great to see them and reconnect. So here they are Charles, Katrin, Ema and Sophie with my crowd.


This is what happens when you are busy packing boxes, getting ready to move, and your 20 month old finds your big red sharpie permanent marker used to write on boxes. She LOVES chap stick, and her sister loves lip stick, so I think she thought it was one of those things. She actually got it on her lips pretty well. I had to run her down and tackle her for a photo and none of them turned out well, but here you go. It was the best when she would smirk. In case your wondering, regular tooth paste washes permanent Marker of of skin.

Catching up

Here is Mother Nature's April Fools day trick on all of Minnesota, and just a few days before we moved. It was all melted a couple days later. It sure did make our front yard pretty!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

name change due to s p a m !!!

This is the LAST birthday celebration, and what a run! Lorelei's friend Tori gave her a great gift. She was to accompany her to a party hosted by Lorelei's favorite Princess Belle. They were Belles guest and the local fire station in Roseville. They were to Meet the famous Princess in all her real life glory. She let them look through her magic kaleidoscope and spin and dance.

Belle read her own story to the girls and played a couple flannel board games with them.

Belle put a jewel of choice on each girls cheek. Then they got to look into her magic mirror.

Belle lead the group in a lively ribbon dance with lots of shaking and twirling and the princesses loved it.

Lorelei as Belle meeting her very favorite princess Belle. She was SO excited!

The cake

I had fun making this cake. The kids loved it! Happy Birthday Lorelei!

Birthday celebration # 5 "The Party"

Our kids get to have birthday parties when they are 4, 8, 12, and 16. Lorelei turned four this year, and chose a bugs and flowers party. It was a hit. We started with food as people showed up. We had PB & J sandwiches cut in flower shapes, finger jello in flower shapes, a fruit flower basket, ants on a log celery, and caterpillar grapes, and bug shaped grahams.

I asked a good friend to do some face painting.

Then we did a bunch of theme related games.

Here's the whloe crew

Here are some games. The first is "Be the Bug" where they had to act like whatever bug I said. This one was worms.

This one was follow the leader or the flower parade.