Wednesday, January 23, 2008

celebration #4

Here is cake and presents at the Barnharts. A smaller and trial cake for the flowers and bugs party the following weekend. The kids love the disney princess I spy book!

Celebration #3

Auntie Erin has a fun tradition for when the kids turn 4. She takes them to Build a Bear! Oh do the kids love it. Lorelei chose an orange cat. They stuffed it and put in a heart (only after kissing it to make sure it's full of love). Then she bathed it (in air). And, she got to choose an outfit to go with it. Any guesses on what it looked like? A princess gown of course with pink shoes. Oh she also put a sound in it so it meows. It's pretty cute. Thanks Erin!

Birthday morning

Here is the Birthday girl eating breakfast in bed (my bed). She also opened presents right away. She got a cd/dvd combo of Here come the ABC's (They Might Be Giants). Her favorite thing was the Honeybee hop.

Here is the Honeybee Hop in action. The photos do it no justice. This is an awesome toy! Everytime they take it out, all I hear is laughing and giggling and the sounds of the flight of the bumblebee. They get good exercise from it and they LOVE it.

Birthday celebration #1

The day before Lorelei's birthday we, as a little family, went to Chuck E. Cheese. It was Braden's day off and we had a million tokens left from when we went a year ago. I didn't take many photos, but we had a lot of fun. the kids do love that place. Joseph knows the slogans to almost anything from TV commercials, but "where a kid can be a kid" is one of his favorites.