Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ward Halloween Party

Our little family at the Ward Halloween party. They had a chili cook off, trick or treating in the hallway, and a costume parade.

Sir Joseph the Toothless is here to save the day. he was so excited to be a knight ever since we bought the sword and shield at the Renaissance Festival. I made the tunic, boots, chain mail, and painted the shield (the dragon was wood burned into it, so I just did the color).

Lorelei is obsessed these days with Belle from Disney's Beauty and The Beast. So that's who she is. She also has the blue dress for Belle that we got at a garage sale. I didn't make the dress, but I did make her a red cloak to winterize the costume. I'll put a picture of it up later. She really looked the part and loved it!

The kids loved the costume parade. Oh, and Gigi was our China girl. She was unimpressed with the festivities, but liked to people watch while snacking on some of the treats.

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