Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We love Autumn!

Late summer and early fall have been so unpredictable this year. In August when we went to both Fairs it was in the 50's both days, and on this trip to the Arboretum it was 87 in October. Who knows what's going on? Anyway, it was a beautiful gorgeous wonderfully warm and sunny day and I HAD to be outside. Luckily it was Bradens free day, and we took a family trip to the Arboretum (one of our favorite places). I took a shot of my family, minus me, and then asked someone to do a shot of the whole lot. It's just not the same. I need to bring someone with me to do a photo shoot for us. Maybe next time. It sure was a beautiful day!

Running and playing together.

Joseph Lorelei and Gigi enjoying the sun.

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