Friday, October 12, 2007

All I want for Chistmas...

I don't have a great picture of it yet, but Joe lost his two top teeth this September. I made him a tooth pillow, and they were super loose. I was ready to pull them out when his Auntie Erin offered to do it. He is so cute with them missing. He lost his bottom two in the last year also. It's fun to hear the words he says sound differently. He hopes to have his two front teeth for Christmas.

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David and Shelly Myers said...

Hey Tana!
I found your blog via the Fife's blog. We sure miss you guys as neighbors. I saw on Sarah's blog that you guys had a great trip to the east coast. That was the last time I talked to you. Time flies. We are in Maryland now. Check out our blog!
Much Love