Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lorelei's pillowcase

If you really know Loreli you know that she LOVES her "pillowcases". As a baby, my baby blanket stopped her crying instantly. We made her a new one of the same material, and then 2 pillowcases from the leftovers. The pillowcases are smaller and easier to tote around, so she takes them whenever allowed. She rubs it on her face and eyes, stokes it with her fingers, and pretends all day with it. This day she asked me to tie one around her head and hair to be a "girl pirate" and then a few minutes later asked to have the other also on her head to "be married" (a veil). I thought we'd clip it behind her neck, but she wanted it in the front. She wore it this way for more than an hour. I have to say that she would be a very cute Muslim.

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Heathere Willoughby said...

In the nursery the other day Kaylynn was crying and Lorelei was kind enough to share her pillowcase to make her feel better. She's such a sweet little girl!

~Heathere Willoughby