Monday, July 16, 2007

My Man Moroni and my Lady Liberty

We started on the NYC subway, off to church. We didn't have enought time to go through the temple on our trip but we said hello to Moroni. Sara bore her testimony and made more friends of other visiters.

I loved the Statue of Liberty! I didn't love waiting in forever long lines to get there and back (get tickets ahead of time). It was especially awesome 'cause I have awesome friends who know how to get what they want. We couldn't get tickets to get inside, but that didn't stop us. We were talking to two of the rangers (Anthony & Mauricio) and made friends. You know, asked some questions and the told us some little known facts. Then we were done. They asked if we had any more questions, and Melissa asked if they had any tickets to go inside. They said No. Sara said, "Even for 3 really cute girls"? They looked at eachother and pulled out 3 tickets. We booked it over there, and were so glad we got to go in. It was really neat. We made frriends with the ranger inside too, and he kept including us in his presentation. He asked us if we knew who the face was modeled after. Most think it's George Washington, but it's after the artists Mother. In my photo, it looks like it was modeled after actor Jeff Goldblum. Hmmmm. We were on one of the last ferry's out, and our inside ranger friend Mark (from Wisconsin)sat with us and told us even more.

We ended our New York experience with a delicious dinner at Serendipity, and more walking around with stops at Rockafellor Plaza, the apple store, Nintendo world (closed for the evening, but Sara really wanted to go).

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