Friday, July 20, 2007

My last day

Sara and I started the day at the International Spy Museum. It was pretty cool, and we had lots of fun. No pictures were allowed in the museum, so this is all I've got. We start the museum as a spy. we have to memorize our cover and then are tested on it later to see if we would make a good spy. It was really neat and talked about spys and deception throughout history and stuff. It even had James Bond's car. Melissa and Pat picked us up after.

Mellisa picked us up directly from the Spy Museum and we drove out to the DC Temple. It was beautiful. I was leaving shortly after, so we didn't have time to do a full session, but we did initiatories and really enjoyed it. I hadn't done them since it has been modified. It is a truly beautiful temple. You can even see it from the top of the Washington Monument. We didn't because it was overcast when we went, but it was on the photo over the window telling what was what. One time when Melissa and Pat were there, they overheard. a kid say, "Wow, look at that castle!". Pretty cool. We also went strait from the temple to a little cafe and then strait to the airport. I came home by myself, and Sara stayed an extra day.

Melissa dropping off at the airport. So sad. But I missed my family and was very excited to come home. The end of our Girls Gone Wild vacation. For more and different photos check out Sara's Blog (the Smiths)

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