Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Sad Silly Mad

We thought that since Joseph is so dramatic at home, and he talks all the time about making movies and plays, that it might be fun for him to take a summer class at the Children's Theater. We signed him up for a creative storytelling class called happy sad silly mad. He loved it. the phots are from his "shareformance". Each child wrote their own play. They learned about elememts of stories and plays. Learned they have a begining middle and end. There are also 3 elements in a play; Voice, body/movement, and your imagination. They all acted in their own play and if there were more characters needed, they picked who should fill the roles. Joseph was in nearly all of them. He played anywhere from a tickling or sleeping dad to a tree or a mosquito. The teachers read the story and the kids acted them out. That is all but Joseph's. He told his own story and acted it out. Anyway, he did very well, and had a lot of fun.

At the end they all sang a song with the emotions in it. this is silly and mad.

Here is Joseph in his self made mask with his teachers.

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