Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Sad Silly Mad

We thought that since Joseph is so dramatic at home, and he talks all the time about making movies and plays, that it might be fun for him to take a summer class at the Children's Theater. We signed him up for a creative storytelling class called happy sad silly mad. He loved it. the phots are from his "shareformance". Each child wrote their own play. They learned about elememts of stories and plays. Learned they have a begining middle and end. There are also 3 elements in a play; Voice, body/movement, and your imagination. They all acted in their own play and if there were more characters needed, they picked who should fill the roles. Joseph was in nearly all of them. He played anywhere from a tickling or sleeping dad to a tree or a mosquito. The teachers read the story and the kids acted them out. That is all but Joseph's. He told his own story and acted it out. Anyway, he did very well, and had a lot of fun.

At the end they all sang a song with the emotions in it. this is silly and mad.

Here is Joseph in his self made mask with his teachers.

Landscape Arboretum

Here we are at the U of M's Landscape Arboretum. It's one of our favorite places. It's the first time we've been through the maze. They were building it the last time we were there. They also have a fun sculptural exhibit throughout the park. It's always fun. This is the maze. Joe and Lorelei navigated it for us and did pretty well making correct decisions and not getting lost.

The "Children's Nest Egg" It had a nice poem up broad stairs and an Earth in the nest.

Here we are in the Sensory Garden having a rest. Or at least trying.

My last day

Sara and I started the day at the International Spy Museum. It was pretty cool, and we had lots of fun. No pictures were allowed in the museum, so this is all I've got. We start the museum as a spy. we have to memorize our cover and then are tested on it later to see if we would make a good spy. It was really neat and talked about spys and deception throughout history and stuff. It even had James Bond's car. Melissa and Pat picked us up after.

Mellisa picked us up directly from the Spy Museum and we drove out to the DC Temple. It was beautiful. I was leaving shortly after, so we didn't have time to do a full session, but we did initiatories and really enjoyed it. I hadn't done them since it has been modified. It is a truly beautiful temple. You can even see it from the top of the Washington Monument. We didn't because it was overcast when we went, but it was on the photo over the window telling what was what. One time when Melissa and Pat were there, they overheard. a kid say, "Wow, look at that castle!". Pretty cool. We also went strait from the temple to a little cafe and then strait to the airport. I came home by myself, and Sara stayed an extra day.

Melissa dropping off at the airport. So sad. But I missed my family and was very excited to come home. The end of our Girls Gone Wild vacation. For more and different photos check out Sara's Blog (the Smiths)

Monday, July 16, 2007

We saw Everything!

We started the day with Melissa's Banana Pancakes and bacon. Not a bad start. We needed our energy for all the things we were going to try to see. We didn't get in until 2 or 3 am from New York so we slept in a little. I loved the memorials and all of the history I hated in High School. I may have liked it better if we could go on feild trips like this. You guessed it, the White House. We were unable to get a tour inside, but we learned a lot of interesting things here from our native friend Melissa, and from Bob our friend who has a summer internship working at the White House. The White House as we know it it entirely the Pres. private residence. The West Wing is separate, and holds the offices ect.. There is a mini van parked indide the gate on the side with a remote door control. Inside that van are several attack dogs just incase anyone trys to jump over the fence. There are also snipers on the roof. Across the street and to the side is where any guest of the Pres stays. Like when the Queen of England came a couple months ago. We walked around the whole structure and it was fun.

The WWII Memorial was awesome! It was beautiful with lots to look at as we walked in there were lots of releif panels showing typical things durring the war. The whole memorial was a giant oval with a water fountain in the center and water features surrounding the lower walkway. The upper walkway had all the states with two tower like areas at both far ends. It was full of quotes and statistics and the different battles that were fought. This was by far my favorite of the memorials. It sat at the opposite end of the reflecting pool as Lincoln.

This is the Vietnam war Memorial. I was suprised that I got emotional at some of the memorials, but especially at this one. There was also a statue of soldiers that I don't remember what it was specifically for, and also a nurses statue.

This is of course the Lincoln Memorial. He is really big. I liked the structure he is in. And as with the rest there are quotes and even his "Four Score..." speech. The reflecting pool is just before the building.

This is the Korean War Memorial. It had the same mirror like polished stone as the Vietnam, but it had images and faces etched into it.

This is the FDR Memorial. You weave in and through areas with really neat quotes and it takes you through his 4 terms. It was quiet and peaceful.

This is the Jefferson Memorial. It's a very pretty one. Oh, and something I found on a bridge on our way.

This is the Awakening. It's right by the monuments but no one really knows about it. It is just a statue of a guy coming out of the ground. It was kind of cool. I thought of Uncle John.

In the evening we drove to Baltimore where Pat's Brother lives on a little sailboat. We spent the rest of the evening learning to sail in the Chesapeake Bay. It was the perfect ending to a fun but very filled day.