Monday, June 18, 2007

Read? At the Library?

Who needs to read books at the Library when the childrens section is as cool as the downtown Central Lirary's. We started on the cool computers with colored keyboards and race cars for mice. Joe & Braden skateboarded, and played Harry Potter while Lorelei & I played Dr. Suess games. Then the girls and I looked around more and ended up in a big empty room where they do story time. We ran on the game board and danced and played puppet theater. One of the Librarians came in because Lorelei was laughing, and I asked if we were too loud. She said absolutely not. They just wanted to see what was so funny.

Gretchen LOVED watching the puppet show we put on for her, but loved behind stage too. She especially loved the Lion puppet because she loves to growl. GRRrrrrr


The kids behind the puppet stage.

We left with a couple more museum passes and had a great day.

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Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

I'm coming w/ you guys next!