Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gone Fishin'

This last weekend, we went with the Barnhart's (Dean, Jacque, Matt & Erin) to do some fishing. We had only been there 3 minutes and Gigi had thrown my keys in the lake. I should have known. We could see the bottom of the lake from the dock but I didn't know how deep it was. We decided it was about 4 feet deep, and Jacque (my wonderful mother in law) said "Oh Tana, you can't go in there, that's over your head". We all had a good laugh. Back to the keys. I was about to go get my suit on when Matt (my bro-in-law) climbed on in. He felt around and looked for a good 25 minutes. No luck. Braden then went to the store and bought a diving mask and looked a little later. No luck. I spent a good couple hours on my tummy on the dock trying catch a glimpse while pulling what seemed like a ton of plantlife up. No luck. So needless to say, Gretchen is not allowed to touch our keys until she is old enough to drive. Even though we had no luck finding our keys, we had a great day outside in the sun enjoying nature and being with eachother. At least keys are very replacable, and Braden had his there too, so we could drive home, and not worry about being locked out or anything. Here is a picture of the culprit in a fit similar to the one that tossed the keys. I will miss my remote lock opener.

Braden bought Joe a New fishingpole - the highly anticipated "Rocket Fishing Rod" (Joseph has been asking about it for ages). Here they are setting it up.

Here he is, ready to cast with his new fancy pole. The bobber shoots out 20-30 feet like a rocket. It really is a neat system.

That little fishingpole worked really good! We caught the same kind of fish the Big kids were catching. Both Joe & Lorelei caught one on their own. They were so excited!

Lorelei was more into getting her feet wet, standing on rocks and playing with Matt's dog Bruiser.

Kids on a rock.

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The Keeslers said...

I just had to say hi. You have absolutely beautiful kids. It is good to see pics of your cute little family.