Sunday, June 24, 2007

Everyone loves a Parade

Who is special enough to have a parade (in their honor) go directly in front of their livingroom window. I guess Grandma & Grandpa Larsen are. Every year for the last almost 30 years that's been the case. Most of us have been in the parade at one point or another too. Anyway the event was this last week, and it's always a fun to be with fun people. Joe sat with the BIG kids, so I really didn't get any shots of him, but Lorelei and Gigi stayed nearby. Here the Girls and I are with Emily Schuman.

The parade had a good assortment of things including dancing chinese dragons that were pretty cool. as you can see they got right on top of us. Lorelei's favorite were the Princesses in crowns and party dresses & the American flag. We taught her to stand at attention and put her hand over her heart, so EVERYTIME one came by she made me do it too. I tried to explain that it was only the first one, but she wouldn't listen. Gigi liked the bands so she could dance, and Joseph liked the candy and even received a compliment from parade royalty on his mohawk.

Grandpa told Lorelei that everytime a band came by you have to march with them. So they did.

This year LuAnn was in the parade, so Grandpa Larsen jumped in with her and held her sign while she went to get us some candy.

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