Monday, June 18, 2007

Breakfast Theater

I asked Joseph what he wanted to do for Braden for Fathers Day, and without esitation he said, "A PLAY!" I asked Lorelei what it should be about, and in true princess fashion, she replied, "A KING!" So we have Breakfast theater. We made and found props. A few crowns, a couple swords for the prince and princess made by Grandpa Larsen earlier that week. And I wrote a quick and simple poem while the kids acted it out.
Long ago we had a quest
to find a father better than the rest
We searched through mountain, forest and sea
Not a better father could there be,
than the father of these three.

The crown was presented to the King of Fathers (half decorated by Joe & half by Lorelei). Followed by a quick publicity shot with the actors (for when they are famous).

The play ended with breakfast in bed and royal kisses. And of course... a happily ever after.

An after church snooze in the car on the way to Grandpa Larsen's.

We started the day with waking up Braden and finished it with reading a bedtime story to Grandpa Barnhart. Good Night.

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Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

Tana I LOVE YOUR BLOG! See, blogs aren't hard! Now we just need Stephanie and Melissa to do it and we'll all be connected!

Love you!