Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gone Fishin'

This last weekend, we went with the Barnhart's (Dean, Jacque, Matt & Erin) to do some fishing. We had only been there 3 minutes and Gigi had thrown my keys in the lake. I should have known. We could see the bottom of the lake from the dock but I didn't know how deep it was. We decided it was about 4 feet deep, and Jacque (my wonderful mother in law) said "Oh Tana, you can't go in there, that's over your head". We all had a good laugh. Back to the keys. I was about to go get my suit on when Matt (my bro-in-law) climbed on in. He felt around and looked for a good 25 minutes. No luck. Braden then went to the store and bought a diving mask and looked a little later. No luck. I spent a good couple hours on my tummy on the dock trying catch a glimpse while pulling what seemed like a ton of plantlife up. No luck. So needless to say, Gretchen is not allowed to touch our keys until she is old enough to drive. Even though we had no luck finding our keys, we had a great day outside in the sun enjoying nature and being with eachother. At least keys are very replacable, and Braden had his there too, so we could drive home, and not worry about being locked out or anything. Here is a picture of the culprit in a fit similar to the one that tossed the keys. I will miss my remote lock opener.

Braden bought Joe a New fishingpole - the highly anticipated "Rocket Fishing Rod" (Joseph has been asking about it for ages). Here they are setting it up.

Here he is, ready to cast with his new fancy pole. The bobber shoots out 20-30 feet like a rocket. It really is a neat system.

That little fishingpole worked really good! We caught the same kind of fish the Big kids were catching. Both Joe & Lorelei caught one on their own. They were so excited!

Lorelei was more into getting her feet wet, standing on rocks and playing with Matt's dog Bruiser.

Kids on a rock.

Everyone loves a Parade

Who is special enough to have a parade (in their honor) go directly in front of their livingroom window. I guess Grandma & Grandpa Larsen are. Every year for the last almost 30 years that's been the case. Most of us have been in the parade at one point or another too. Anyway the event was this last week, and it's always a fun to be with fun people. Joe sat with the BIG kids, so I really didn't get any shots of him, but Lorelei and Gigi stayed nearby. Here the Girls and I are with Emily Schuman.

The parade had a good assortment of things including dancing chinese dragons that were pretty cool. as you can see they got right on top of us. Lorelei's favorite were the Princesses in crowns and party dresses & the American flag. We taught her to stand at attention and put her hand over her heart, so EVERYTIME one came by she made me do it too. I tried to explain that it was only the first one, but she wouldn't listen. Gigi liked the bands so she could dance, and Joseph liked the candy and even received a compliment from parade royalty on his mohawk.

Grandpa told Lorelei that everytime a band came by you have to march with them. So they did.

This year LuAnn was in the parade, so Grandpa Larsen jumped in with her and held her sign while she went to get us some candy.

The coolest hair ever!

Joseph told me that he wanted a hair-do. We talked about our options, and came up with the classic Mohawk. I pulled out the moulding mud, and went to work. I think he was feeling left out with two sisters now getting their hair done, and wanted to feel special too. Is that too much to ask? He got to wear it this way to the big parade.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Breakfast Theater

I asked Joseph what he wanted to do for Braden for Fathers Day, and without esitation he said, "A PLAY!" I asked Lorelei what it should be about, and in true princess fashion, she replied, "A KING!" So we have Breakfast theater. We made and found props. A few crowns, a couple swords for the prince and princess made by Grandpa Larsen earlier that week. And I wrote a quick and simple poem while the kids acted it out.
Long ago we had a quest
to find a father better than the rest
We searched through mountain, forest and sea
Not a better father could there be,
than the father of these three.

The crown was presented to the King of Fathers (half decorated by Joe & half by Lorelei). Followed by a quick publicity shot with the actors (for when they are famous).

The play ended with breakfast in bed and royal kisses. And of course... a happily ever after.

An after church snooze in the car on the way to Grandpa Larsen's.

We started the day with waking up Braden and finished it with reading a bedtime story to Grandpa Barnhart. Good Night.

Read? At the Library?

Who needs to read books at the Library when the childrens section is as cool as the downtown Central Lirary's. We started on the cool computers with colored keyboards and race cars for mice. Joe & Braden skateboarded, and played Harry Potter while Lorelei & I played Dr. Suess games. Then the girls and I looked around more and ended up in a big empty room where they do story time. We ran on the game board and danced and played puppet theater. One of the Librarians came in because Lorelei was laughing, and I asked if we were too loud. She said absolutely not. They just wanted to see what was so funny.

Gretchen LOVED watching the puppet show we put on for her, but loved behind stage too. She especially loved the Lion puppet because she loves to growl. GRRrrrrr


The kids behind the puppet stage.

We left with a couple more museum passes and had a great day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Princess & the Pea

If you know Lorelei, you know she is a pretender. Every day, and sometimes every few minutes, we wonder who she will be: Sleeping Beauty, Princess Leia, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, or even the crocadile that chases Captian Hook. And she goes all out, she refuses to answer to any other name and is known to hand out assingments as to who others should pretend to be. She is our favorite little actress.

Climbing trees

Joseph is excited to be "big" enough to start to climb trees. This day he, Lorelei, Uncle Jared and Aunt Cami were playing in the Barnharts tree.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Here kitty kitty kitty...

This is Jared & Cami's 3rd cat Brunno. Lorelei is crazy about animals, and Brunno & Jasper are the only cats tame enough to tolerate Lorelei's affection. She was so excited to see them this day that she forgot to tell us she had to go potty. Oops. I'm glad that she had aunts and Uncles who have pets that she can play with. She would probably smother one with "love" if we had one.

Gigi seems to love to chase the animals too.

Mill City Museum Adventure

This last week our little family took out a pass to the Mill city Museum. We had never been there before and it was really fun. We love the Museum Adventure pass program! If you haven't tried them we highly recomend it. The kids had fun, and it was really interesting. We didn't stay long, but it was perfect. We looked through the museum part and then went on the flour tower tour. The kids even got to design their own cereal box and try bread from the test kitchen. We didn't stay for the music in the ruins or go on the Stone Arch Bridge, but we had fun.

View of ruins & river from balcony

Kids on the 8th floor balcony

Friday, June 8, 2007

Once upon a stormy birthday...

Our BABY turned one year old last week. We had a party for Gigi at Como Lake and almost everyone was able to come even with late notice. When we woke up that day it was beautiful, although the weather man warned of some rain and storms. We had a backup plan, but decided to go ahead with the party as scheduled. We had latter golf and croquet and lots of food and snacks. We all talked and had fun and then we decided it was time to move the party along as the clouds rolled in and we opened presents. Matt saw the rain hit the water on the lake and we knew we were in trouble. with in 15 seconds we were SOAKED! we all grabbed stuff, and first got the kids in cars and then went back to salvage the stuff. We thought it would sprinkle while we cleaned up, but no, it decided to hail on us instead. We didn't get too may shots while the party was on, but here they are.

our birthday girl

opening presents

We had a fish cake and cupcakes along with gold fish crackers and sweedish fish. I should have expected some rain for planning that.